Making Successful Men (and a few smart women!) More Successful

You’re a smart, accomplished professional, but you can’t shake nagging thoughts like:
“I work really hard, so why am I struggling so much?”
“Is this it for me? Is this as good as my life is going to get?”
“I don’t need therapy, but I know I need something!”

If you feel like this and don’t know what to do about it, there’s good news:
2. You don’t have to
 settle for where you are.

You can be happier at work AND at home. You can make more money AND have more free time. You can start over WITHOUT giving up what you have. YOU HAVE MORE CHOICES THAN YOU THINK! You can:

> Make more money without working harder
> Enjoy more time for your personal life
> Take smart risks that lead to new levels of success
> Reduce your stress
> Break bad habits
> Motivate and connect with your staff
> Discover new revenue opportunities
> Get paid what you’re worth
> Balance the demands of others with your own priorities
> OR pretty much anything else you want to do!

Curious? Skeptical but hopeful? Give me one hour on the phone (pay $25 upfront). When we’re done, if you feel it was a waste of time, just tell me you want your $25 back. But you won’t ask because you WILL get an insight, an idea, a strategy, a realization, or a next step. If we say goodbye forever, that’s fine with me. But if it’s just the beginning of our relationship, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish in the months that follow!

Whatever you’ve heard in the past about business coaches, career coaches, or life coaches, give me chance to show you how much you can get done and in less time than you think. NO hippy-dippy stuff. We will focus on measurable results that are external AND internal.

You get real about where you are now. You dream big about where you want to go. WE create a plan to get you there.

Not to brag, but I’m really good at this coaching stuff. So even if you doubt yourself, you can trust me to be straight with you. But I’m not for everyone. NO franchise. NO canned curriculum. NO stroking your ego and letting you lie to yourself. You’ll invest time, energy, and money. YOU ARE WORTH IT. And I will work my ass off to make sure your investment pays off over and over again!

You’ve attended seminars and classes, read books and blogs, talked to friends and family, meditated and recited your daily affirmations (or rolled your eyes at the very idea!), but if the bottom line is that things aren’t getting better, let me help.

I coach folks all over the world! I’m located in Fullerton, California and serve all the surrounding areas, including Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego counties, but it’s just as easy for me to coach you if you’re in Boston, Nashville, Chicago, or Hong Kong! Isn’t technology wonderful?