At Protea Coaching, WE KNOW YOU.
Stressed out, maxed out, bummed out, tapped out…
you NEVER reach out. And we know why.

Because you are strong | self-sufficient | smart | a problem-solver | a leader.

You keep everything inside | don’t know who to trust | don’t know who would care | never ask for help | yet always help others | wouldn’t want to burden anyone | clench your jaw and deal with shit on your own.

Who would you call anyway? Employees | spouse | vendors | your professional network | your mom | your college buddies? Ha! Yeah, right. But….

Wouldn’t it be awesome if YOU had a coach you could call practically ANY TIME? No rotary dialing required? rotary phone to call coach rachel frenchSomeone who is definitely 100% on your side | super smart | can help you solve problems | business savvy | cool | likes you but doesn’t love you | doesn’t feel burdened when you vent | a helluva marketing chick | nonjudgmental | trustworthy | a little irreverent | sometimes a LOT irreverent | doesn’t want anything from you | and is just totally and completely dedicated to helping you | and even gets excited 

about it? 
(Yeah, you read that right: actually gets excited about helping YOU!)

I AM THAT COACH. I’m Rachel French, CPC, business + leadership + performance coach. I work with successful men and a few ballsy women–smart folks who want to: be better leaders, make more money, market more effectively, motivate their employees, get more leisure time, and eliminate their inner shit. I am both very kind + pretty kickass. I. LOVE. THIS. WORK. 
Am I the coach for you? Wanna talk and find out?

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That’s weird.

You scrolled past the Book My Call button.

I thought I did a pretty good job making my home page pitch. I mean, when I described you, I nailed it, right?

small SUV splattered with mudAnd when I described myself, I tried to make a good impression by only mentioning the good things about me, like you do on a first day. I purposefully left out the less appealing stuff like how you can write WASH ME with your finger on my car way too often and how sometimes the kids behind the front desk at my gym don’t recognize me because it’s been so long. 

Then again, maybe I kind of like that you didn’t book your call so fast. You’re no pushover. You’re no sucker. In fact, I commend your preparation and commitment to research! So…

If you’re having doubts about YOU and whether you’re really ready to work with a coach and take action and be introspective and be held accountable and get moving, START BY READING THIS.

If you’re having trouble figuring ME out, and need to know more about who I am and what I’ve done and how I work, START BY READING THIS.