marketing-should-make-people-mad-rachel-french-business-coachWhat? My marketing should make people mad? No, no, no…I want everyone to love me. Or at least like me. And then buy from me. Right?

WRONG. One of the biggest mistakes biz owners and salespeople make is trying to be everything to everyone!

I used to network regularly with a chiropractor. Every time she was asked, “Who’s a good referral for you?” she would respond the same way: “Anyone with a spine!”

Now, I’ve met a lot of chiropractors, and I can tell you for sure they’re all different and they serve different people—well, differently. Yet all their patients have spines. So going with broad a marketing message like this isn’t very helpful.

Are you falling into a similar trap?

If you’ve been reading the emails I send out periodically, you might have noticed that some of my recent subject lines were pretty provocative and leveraged current events, including the deaths of some major celebrities. Each time I sent out an email like that, I got a flurry of unsubscribes from folks who didn’t like my messages at all. Well, to be more accurate, they didn’t like my subject lines. Based on their “reason for leaving” comments, I could tell they hadn’t even read my articles!

Was I upset to see people leave? NO WAY. You know why? Because I don’t want to pay to market to people who will never buy from me. I don’t want everything I do and say and write to be so pleasing and palatable that my audience just takes it in without question. I don’t want to be so vanilla that folks can’t tell the difference between me and the other hundred coaches they know.

I want to make people uncomfortable sometimes. I want them to question me sometimes, and maybe even put up a fight. I want them to wonder if the way I see things might be a better way than the way they see things. And I want some of them to know FOR SURE that I’m not their cup of tea!

And did you know that for every angry unsubscribe I got, I also received 2 or 3 personal messages thanking me for taking a painful event and turning into something inspiring? Yeah, THESE are the people who I want to STAY on my list. We get each other, and maybe we’ll do business with each other someday.

A great piece of advice I received when writing my professional biz videos was to make them with the intention of EXCLUDING prospects rather than INCLUDING prospects. The advice might sound funny to you, but I followed it, and if you watch the video on the home page of my website, you’ll probably agree I did just that. I might offend a few viewers, but that’s fine with me! Why? Because since posting a video on my home page, people who call for a consultation are now far more likely to hire me. My conversion rate more than DOUBLED once I posted that video. After watching and listening to me, folks have a pretty good idea of who I am BEFORE they call, which means more of my consultations result in closed business.

You get what I’m saying here?

Even if you feel like you’re one of thousands of people in the same industry, you needn’t worry. Certain people will feel drawn to you (that’s just chemistry) and click with your message (if you’ve got a good one). If you sell life insurance and you go to a networking meeting where four other life insurance salespeople show up, do you panic? Well DON’T. Because (a) there’s plenty of business to go around, and (b) anyone who’s drawn to “the other guy” probably wasn’t going to be drawn to you anyway. But (c) make sure your follow-up is awesome because even if someone didn’t love you at the meeting, the person they loved might have totally crappy follow-up, which leaves the door open for YOU!

This is only the beginning of a long conversation, but I hope it gives you something to think about as you craft your own marketing message and continue to develop your personal brand and go after your perfect clients.

If I can be of any help to you in YOUR marketing efforts, please reach out. And if you’ve had just about enough of me, feel free to unsubscribe. You know it won’t hurt my feelings. 🙂

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