3-three-productivity-ideas-rachel-frenchTough weekend? Gearing up for a holiday? Recovering from the flu? Dealing with the post-vacation BLAHS? Trying to get back into the swing of things after you’ve been out of them is tough. You DO need to be an adult, be responsible, and hold yourself accountable for your goals—especially if clients, employees, or loved ones depend on you.

But feeling guilty is counterproductive. Just admit you’re not at 100% and give yourself a break. There’s really no point in beating yourself up about taking a little downtime when you need it. Don’t get nuts with it though. If you go completely MIA from your biz for too long, there WILL be consequences, and it might be harder to clean up the mess you made than to just power through the doldrums now.


But what to do when you don’t want to do anything and there are no serious deadlines in front of you? I’ve made it easy. Just choose 3 things from the following list to do today. Each activity should take you no more than 3 minutes to accomplish and all of them can be directly connected to revenue production afterward!

Set the timer for 3 minutes and declutter your office space.

  1. Send thank you cards to 3 people who have given you business.
  2. Pick 3 networking activities to go to during the first 3 months of next year.
  3. Schedule 3 Facebook posts to go live over the next 3 weeks.
  4. Find the names and phone numbers of 3 professionals in your area who you don’t know but who might be great referral partners and pick a day in January to call them and introduce yourself.
  5. Choose 3 business books to read next year.
  6. Decide on 3 administrative or household tasks you will delegate or outsource next year.
  7. Identify 3 successful people you could ask to be your mentor.
  8. Schedule 3 days next year to play hooky and do something nice for yourself.
  9. Unsubscribe from 3 email newsletters you no longer want.

Do as many or as few as you want, but don’t be surprised if you feel motivated to do more. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting a little momentum.

And then you can relax guilt-free with a drink, a nap, whatever. Why not? You’ve earned it!

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