So you don’t likFacebook frustration rachel french business coach orange countye Facebook. I get it. You don’t care what people have for lunch, and you don’t want to see a bunch of stupid motivational sayings. You certainly don’t care about cat videos or your friends’ political leanings. In fact, you’re not even sure most of your Facebook friends would even qualify as FRIENDS.

Does this mean you can’t use Facebook to promote your business? No. It doesn’t mean that at all.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to use Facebook. . . even if you don’t use Facebook.

  1. Have a personal Facebook page. Yeah, just make one, okay? Put your photo up there, and connect with a few folks. You don’t have to post pictures of your kids or your meals or anything else here. I promise. The only thing I want you to do is put the CITY you’re in AND where you work. This is going to link out to your business page.
  2. Create a BUSINESS PAGE. This is different than your personal page. Facebook calls it a “fan page” and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you have to have fans. Do NOT create a “group.” I don’t care what other businesses do. Don’t do it. So create that fan page for your business and give it a name other than the weird number Facebook assigns. You don’t want to direct people to so make sure you give yourself a new Facebook Web Address. I chose You should choose something that makes sense for your business. Don’t get fancy. Keep it simple. Claim your name before someone else does.
  3. Populate your business page with a profile picture and a cover picture. Keep it on-brand, i.e., if you sell sporting goods, don’t put a picture of flowers and puppies. Stick to your brand colors and overall look. Steal something from your website to make it easy. Plug in all the appropriate biz info like phone number, website, hours, location, services, etc.
  4. Use the “invite” feature to invite your current friends to “like” this page.
  5. Create one post with an interesting photo or video and say a little bit about you and what you do and who you do it for and why you’re awesome and how if they want to know more they should contact you directly via phone or email or go to your website. Click Publish. This way, no one will be confused or put off by the fact that you don’t have any other posts.

Yay!!! At least you have a FB presence for your biz now.

Want to do more? Okay, here are a couple of options to consider:

Try posting something once a week and see how it feels. Advice, tips, news, testimonials, industry-related humor, whatever. Post on the same day of every week (I recommend Tuesday or Wednesday during typical work hours). You just might catch the bug and start posting more often! Try doing a LIVE VIDEO which is a cool new Facebook feature and SUPER EASY from your smartphone (instructions are here).

Wanna pay someone to do this for you? For a cool $200-400 a month, you can hire a person to post Monday through Friday on your business page. Your nephew can do it for you? Fine—that’s better than nothing. Just make sure he stays on-brand and uses the tone YOU want to use to communicate about your business. There are lots of social media folks out there who will do a great job for you. Just make sure they know what they’re doing before you pay them. They can manage your biz page AND share some of that stuff to your personal page if you want. They can use what you’ve got on your website or LinkedIn or whatever, OR they can generate new content. All of that is negotiable.

Wanna spend a little more money? Try some Facebook ads to drive people to a freebie on your website or a squeeze page or an event registration. . .

Oops! If my mentioning squeeze pages and freebies just made things a BIT TOO COMPLICATED for you, don’t worry. The point is that you can use Facebook to generate new engagement and leads and even sales through Facebook ads, even if you don’t use Facebook personally. If you want to try it out, I recommend you hire a company who’s really, really good at it. Don’t try to do it yourself. That’s like throwing dollars in a slot machine. Seriously.

Not sure if a social media company is good at it? Do a little research on your own or give me a call. I don’t do Facebook ads or social media postings for my clients, but I know the questions to ask to make sure you hire the RIGHT company. You don’t want to pay for voodoo. You want to pay for results.

But just to close the loop on this, you don’t have to hire ANYONE to do ANYTHING for you on Facebook. BUT you still better make sure you have an online presence and claim your name and look like you’re actually in business. Prospects WILL look for you online before they call you, so BE WHERE THEY LOOK.

Other tips for using Facebook if you hate Facebook? Please share them with me so I can share them with others!
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