insecure man rachel french business coachMy friend Chris is a really good guy. He’s been single for a while and I know he would LOVE to be in a relationship again. He’s got his act together: he’s advanced in his career, owns his house, is raising nice kids, maintains a positive co-parenting relationship with his ex, drives a nice car (even by OC standards!), has great friends, and is a super giving and fun person.

So why doesn’t he date? Every time I ask him, he has a different excuse. “When I lose 15 pounds,” he muttered last time we talked. When he pays off all his debt. When the half-finished backyard landscaping is done. When he gets his Invisalign off and his teeth are straight. Once he actually said, “I think I need to hire a wardrobe consultant first.”

We can all relate. We all feel like works in progress. And that’s a good thing because we never want to become so complacent we stop trying to improve ourselves.

But Chris is a great catch, and he’s good enough just the way he is to get out there and snag himself a helluva girl RIGHT NOW.

What do you have in common with Chris? Probably a lot.

I often find myself in a gentle tug-of-war with my clients trying to convince them to GET OUT THERE and make more sales calls, tell more people what they do, create strategic alliances, pitch their services, and confidently get the business.

But they want to revamp the website. Get new business cards. Research the competition. Implement a new CRM system, or email system, or bookkeeping system. Hire someone to survey prospects. Create a video. Set up a Facebook page. Collect more testimonials.

Because “Once THAT is done, THEN I’ll be ready to get out there.”

NEWS FLASH: You’re ready now.

If you have a good product or service, you’re confident about the price point, and you know who wants it, then you’re ready now.

Pick up the phone, hit the streets, and talk to people. The sales will come.

All the other stuff can wait. In fact, all the other stuff costs money. But talking to people doesn’t.

Chris isn’t dating because he’s a little insecure. And it’s easy to point at a real or perceived flaw in his life or on his body as a reason to stay out of the game. Time passes him by and wonderful women are dating his competition while he waits to be “ready.”

You’re not selling because you’re a little insecure. And it’s easy to point at a real or perceived gap in your business or in your skills as a reason to stay out of the game. Time passes you by and customers are hiring your competition while you wait to be “ready.”

You’re ready now. Get set. And for pete’s sake…GO!

photo credit: um fotógrafo via photopin (license)

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