love-rachel-french-business-coach-orange-countyA small business has the unparalleled ability to seep into every free moment, every waking though, and every dream you have. No matter how much you work, there is always more you can do. And because you love your business and you really want it to succeed, it’s easy to justify working when there’s no good reason not to be!

But if you’re single, you need to be especially careful. Living alone puts you at particular risk for working (or kind of working) much, much more than you should. With no one asking for your attention, it’s just too easy to think about work all the time!

And if you don’t want to be single, you may find dating harder than other folks. Consider how many people make friends with their co-workers and then go out for happy hours or parties with their “work friends.”

But when you’re the boss, you can’t really buddy up with your employees or it blurs that line you need to keep in order to maintain leadership and authority.

Which means less socializing with “work friends” than those who are regular ol’ employees.

Dating can be problematic, too. Not only do you have to carve out time for it, but if you’re struggling in your business, you may not feel at your best, like you’re not coming to the table with the very best offer.

But you’re an entrepreneur, dammit, and that means you are driven, decisive, smart, and a risk-taker. And anyone who doesn’t find that attractive can pound sand.

You may worry that since your social life has taken a backseat to your business, you’ll never find a date. And then you may feel pressured to get online and use an app or a dating website. And if you hate that idea, you may feel doomed.

Fear not. In March 2015, Mic conducted a survey of more than 2,300 people to find out how they met their current significant other, and only 9.4 percent of respondents had done so via an online dating website or app. So if you’re sort of turned off by that whole thing, don’t let the commercials tell you you’re doomed without them.

The most common way to meet a great dating partner, according to the survey results, is still through mutual friends (38.6%) and out at social events (22.3%). In fact, meeting through work isn’t even that big a slice of the pie at 17.9 percent, but when you’re single, that unavailable option can seem like the difference between love and loneliness. (Source: Google Consumer Surveys)

So, what to do, what to do?

Here are ten strategies for successful dating when you’re a busy business owner.

  1. Fish OUTSIDE the company pool. Enough said.
  2. Keep in touch with your friends no matter HOW busy you are.
  3. Remind folks who care about you that you ARE interested in dating.
  4. Consider an online dating site or app. Hey, it can’t hurt.
  5. Stay involved in activities you enjoy. It would be great to meet someone who has shared interests, right?
  6. Hire a matchmaker. What? Too much? You want love, don’t you? Listen, it’s an option.
  7. Go to singles events. I guarantee there are countless events in your area. Try for some ideas.
  8. While out networking, pay attention to who else is single. Maybe you can hang out with some of them after a chamber mixer and do a little hunting together.
  9. Treat relationship goals like business goals If it’s serious business to you to find a partner, do what you do in business: read your affirmations, write down your objectives, ask someone to hold you accountable, take consistent steps toward your desired outcome, etc.
  10. Keep a positive attitude about it and don’t use business as an excuse to stay out of the game!

If you’ve got other tips, please do share them with me and my readers. A love-struck business owner is a happy, productive, profitable business owner!

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