If you feel stuck in your job, a career coach can help!

The average American worker switches jobs every 4 years, and many of us will have up to 7 careers in our lifetimes. If you’re feeling stuck, unappreciated, or stressed out, career coaching can give you the confidence and skills to make your next big move, whether it’s investigating options for a new job or career, positioning yourself for promotion within your current industry, or working on personal productivity and effectiveness…I will coach you in the areas most important to your career advancement.

Here are just a few things you can do through coaching:

  • Identify your interests, aptitudes, and strengths
  • Create a goal-focused plan broken into manageable steps
  • Learn to ask for what you need (training, references, etc.)
  • Write a powerful resume and cover letter
  • Use networking and social media to expand your professional circle

Through weekly sessions, you will take confident steps toward that raise, promotion, new job, or exciting career switch. Contact me today and we’ll create a plan that’s perfect for you.