Fortune magazine asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt, “What’s the best advice you ever got?”

His answer: Hire a coach!

You can provide the C-level perk of one-on-one coaching to your employees at all levels, from executives to managers, supervisors to sales people. When you choose me to work with your most valuable asset–your people–you choose a coach with more than 20 years of business and management experience, plus specific training in how to bring out the best in them through professional coaching.

When your employees are happy and healthy, they are more productive. Research shows that up to 46% of absenteeism is directly or indirectly caused by stress, depression, and anxiety. Research also shows that high job strain and lack of social support at work are directly correlated to depression in workers. You can make a significant impact in the lives of your employees–and therefore on your bottom line–by providing coaching services to your people.

How will your employees benefit from coaching? In our sessions, they will have a confidential environment where they can:

  • Learn strategies for dealing with job stress, workload priorities, and interoffice relationships

  • Bounce ideas off an objective professional with business savvy

  • Discuss personal issues that may be affecting work performance

  • Set goals for professional growth

We will design a coaching program around the needs of your organization and your individual employees. Contact me today.