What if you could figure out what you’re truly passionate about? And what if you could set goals that you know you will keep? Now you can!

Find Your Passion, Fuel Your Action:
The 7-Day Plan To Finding What Moves You So You Can Finally Get Moving

When you order this powerful self-coaching program, you’ll be getting the next best thing to personal coaching:

Audio Coaching Sessions: Five sessions get you motivated through stories, examples, and exercises that take you through each step of the process. (mp3 files on disk)

Workbook: Worksheets break down each step into clear, manageable chunks. A second set of worksheets let you share with a friend, or repeat the program any time. Transcriptions of all audio sessions are great for reviewing and taking notes

Bonus Audio: Listen to TWO real client coaching sessions where I help them through the most critical part of the process.

SUPER BONUS: 30-minute private coaching session with me within 30 days of purchase

That’s nearly FOUR HOURS of audio and 100 PAGES of information and resources for just $147.

How can I be so sure this system works?

Because I see it over and over again with my one-on-one coaching clients. They come to me feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed, stuck. The first thing I do is help them gain a new understanding of what their core needs and values are. They’re always surprised by the answers, and relieved to know that THIS is really their passion!

Armed with this new information about themselves, they are able to set personal and professional goals with unprecedented confidence. They set goals they WANT to keep and DO keep because they finally know what they are passionate about.

With this program, you’ll give yourself some true gifts:

  • Genuinely know what you really need, down in your gut and deep in your heart
  • Easily identify which of your needs are being met and which are being neglected
  • Clearly see when your core values are being violated
  • Quickly realize which goals are worthy of your efforts
  • Confidently set goals that are designed for success

So, are you done with excuses and ready for excellence?


—– My Personal 100% RISK-FREE Guarantee —–

If you work through the program, listen to all the sessions, complete all the steps, get your personal coaching session from me, and then you decide that this program isn’t right for you, I will give you back your money.
No questions. No criticism. I’m THAT confident in this system.
I see it work for clients every day, and I’m sure it will work for you!


Yes, I am ready to find my passion!
Send me all this for just $147:

  • 5 Audio Coaching Sessions
  • Workbook with step-by-step worksheets and audio transcription
  • Bonus: Listen In to Real Clients’ Coaching Sessions
  • SUPER BONUS: 30 minutes of private one-on-one coaching with Rachel
  • Risk-Free Guarantee