Events for everyone in and around Orange County. Intimate groups for getting support on sensitive topics, big meetings with speakers or activities, tutorials on how to use new software, masterminds both offline and online, networking events, coffee chats, classes and training on topics like closing the sale, evaluating your prices, public speaking, branding, digging out the “you’re not good enough” shit that holds us back…everything.

What events to you want to see?

Visit our visually off-brand but personality-wise on-brand Meetup group. Your coach has big plan for these people, so get in there and join, and RSVP to stuff (and then please show up) so Meetup knows we’re not just ladies drinking coffee any more. We’ve thrown the doors open to include men, and students, and retirees, and the unemployed and the underemployed…if you are, were, will be, or wish you could be doing work of ANY kind, we have something for you. The best thing we have? The members. They’re diverse and amazing.

link to our meetup group for fearless professionals

Dickie the Duck, AKA “Kingpin,” the face of FU&CK on Meetup

So check out our social sites. Check us out on Meetup: The Fearlessly Unapologetic & Cheeky Kingpins, a group full of members say, HEY, we’re building businesses and living lives OUR way, and if you don’t like, we really don’t give a duck. Click on Dickie the Duck and join us on Meetup. We are just restarting (and rebranding) a large, active group of business owners after letting it lie dormant for over a year!

Dougie & Dirk, the “faces” of FU&CK on Facebook


The FU&CK group of professionals on Meetup also connects to their n

ew and still small but pretty ducking cool Facebook group too. Join us on Facebook by giving Dougie & Dirk a little love tap.