You’re the boss,  which often means feeling isolated with a ton of responsibility. When business is tough, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. And when business is good, sometimes it’s at the expense of your leisure time, your relationships, and your passions.

The most successful men don’t go it alone. Top CEOs and executives worldwide know the value of belonging to a mastermind group. Napoleon Hill said belonging to a mastermind is the best way for a man to ACCUMULATE POWER and turn it into ACTION.

The Mastermind for Successful Men is only for highly motivated, professional men–and membership is by invitation/application ONLY. We will meet monthly for dinner and discussion around specific problems and challenges in YOUR business and life.  Your membership includes dinner in a private room in an upscale steakhouse. No touchy-feely, new age talk. Just solid feedback from smart peers facilitated by a Certified Professional Coach. Meetings begin at 6:00pm, but arrive early to socialize and take advantage of happy hour drink specials.

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Is this for you? The answer is yes IF:

• You have achieved success in your professional life

• You possess experience and insight you’re willing to share with others

• You desire and value feedback from a trusted team of successful colleagues

• You are willing to commit to the group for a minimum of 6 months

Space is limited. To expedite your application review, call Rachel at (949) 478-0292.