Rachel French is a Certified Professional Coach. She has more than 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sectors where she has served others as a trainer, teacher, writer, marketer, manager, and mentor.Rachel French photo

Rachel’s professional experience includes more than a decade as a marketing manager in the fields of IT, publishing, software, and engineering. She taught English in an urban high school for 8 years.

She has lived on both coasts, and is happy to have settled at home in sunny southern California, surrounded by family and friends.

As a self-described Smart Person, Rachel believes in making gut-based and heart-centered moves (even when they seem illogical) and then trusting her brain to get her through those big decisions and life transitions. Her coaching clients rely on her to teach them how to make big changes that align with what matters to them most. Rachel credits her ability to talk to practically everyone about practically anything as a key part of her success, and she loves working with people to gain more self-confidence in their personal and professional interactions.

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