You might think it’s pretty presumptuous of me to call myself the Coach for Smart People. 

Maybe a bit arrogant. Or uppity. And you might be right. But I know that when you’re a Smart Person, the world looks a bit different to you. You’re used to being able to get stuff done on your own, and it’s frustrating to have to ask for help. So when you finally DO ask for help, you want to work with someone who’s just as smart as you are. And when you’re a Smart Person looking for a coach, you want a coach who understands you and how your brain works. You want a Smart Person on your team. I get it.

Even though I’m a Smart Person, I can’t do everything myself. 

Luckily, I was fortunate to be introduced to coaching early in my life and have seen it make a profound difference at various times in my life.  In my 20s, a coach helped me get clear on who I was as a woman (answer: not a little girl any more) and in my 30s, a coach guided to the discovery that I was ready for a serious career change (ironically the coach was hired by my company, and just weeks afterward I quit to become an educator!). Later, I worked with coaches to help me in building my own business.

I have always known that when my gut say “Go!” I have to go.

One fundamental truth I learned as a coaching client is that I really did have all the answers. Somewhere inside me was a force that knew who I was and what I wanted, and it even knew how to get there. What wasn’t inside me was an impartial, objective voice to help me silence my negative self-talk and stop the crippling circular thinking that left me spinning my proverbial wheels in frustration. Sure, when my gut tells me to go, I go, but it was only with the help of a coach that I could do so with pure confidence. I know first-hand the invaluable resource that a life coach can be–especially at critical life junctures.

I’ve learned through experience that no one NEEDS a coach. But even a Smart Person gets things done better, faster, and with more confidence with the help of a coach.

My life resume is like so many of yours–diverse and at times seemingly random. My professional path has led me to a wide variety of careers from technical writing to software training, from marketing communications to teaching English in an urban high school. My personal path has included many wonderful opportunities to help and be helped, from working with teenagers in a crisis shelter and tutoring at-risk youth to providing training to college professors, from working a suicide hotline to volunteering in an orphanage in South Africa, from teaching religion classes to running a book club, and lots of other experiences that were tough and trying yet fulfilling and character-building.  Coaching has always been a part of my roles.

I have moved coast to coast on my own, quit stable jobs to pursue new careers, and taken lots of big, calculated risks–all because my gut said “Go!”

One of the things I have always been able to do–and something I work hard to teach my clients how to do–is to listen to that inner voice that tells me when I need to make a change, or start doing something, or stop doing something. That inner voice doesn’t usually speak to me up in my brain; in fact, I think that little voice gets through in spite of my brain. It’s usually more a feeling, and often the feeling goes against logic. That’s when I have to tap into the knowledge that I’m a Smart Person, and if I follow my gut–no matter how irrational the prompting may seem, I can trust my Big, Fat Brain to make sure I succeed in making the big changes my heart and gut tell me to make.

Coaching has been a natural part of my approach to every job and opportunity I’ve ever had.

Through all my life phases, no matter what I was doing for an income or where I was spending my free time, the common thread has been that I am always speaking with people about what they really want and how they can get it. And you know, I’m pretty good at it! It has been my favorite part of every job and volunteer project I’ve ever been a part of–that moment when a person has an “A-ha” moment, and I am lucky enough to be the person to help them have it. I consider it a blessing that I have this innate ability to get to the heart of the matter with my clients; I consider it a privilege to be invited into my clients’ lives to help them; I consider it a responsibility to use my talents and skills to work with as many people as I can to help them live the very best lives they can.

I love that I have the opportunity to “pay it forward” by coaching Smart People.

I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to show you how great coaching can work. I am who I am and where I am today in part because of some terrific coaches. My relationships with them were brief but powerful–and that’s exactly how coaching should work. Perhaps you came to this site for a reason. Perhaps this is your season for change. If so, I’m ready, and I would be honored to be your coach.