These are some of my favorite topics to speak on. If you think I am a good fit for your next event, please contact me. I am happy to customize a presentation or program to fit the needs of your group, organization, or attendees.

Why Smart, Successful Men Fail at Home (and 3 Ways to Turn It Around, Fast!)

If you’re not careful, the same skills that make you a professional powerhouse might make you a personal disaster! But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this presentation, Rachel unveils three major skills that make men successful at the office and then reveals how to adapt these skills for maximum payoff at home—for less stress and less friction, more fun and more fulfillment. Men will leave feeling empowered to make positive changes at home; women will leave with new insight into what makes their successful men tick.

Everyone Wants a Piece of Me: How to Define and Achieve Your Own Work/Life Balance

Are you spending more and more time at work because you feel you have no choice? Tired of being in a tug-of-war with friends and family on one side and your company and clients on the other? Working hard but rarely enjoying the fruits of your labor? There is hope! It’s not just about working harder, or working smarter—in fact, it’s not about work at all. It’s about getting in touch with what matters to you most, and then designing a life around that. Rachel will teach you how you can get real about setting boundaries in your personal and professional life and start making decisions with confidence instead of apologies. Absolutely invaluable for management- and executive-level professionals.

Smart People, Dumb Decisions

It might seem like the world belongs to those with the greatest intellect, but the truth is that many highly successful people achieve great things in spite of their big, fat brains! Rachel will reveal 5 big mistakes smart people make—at work and at home—and how you can avoid these high-IQ pitfalls. If you’re tired of watching people with less experience and less talent get the jobs, promotions, opportunities, and credit you feel YOU deserve, Rachel will show you what you can do—and stop doing—to get off the sidelines and into the in-zone!

Grow Like Protea: Lessons on Change and Resilience from South Africa

It’s true that the only thing constant is change, and we can learn a lot about how to adapt and thrive by watching nature. The protea is the national flower of South Africa—an amazing plant that has reinvented itself into more than 90 species, adapting to the ever-changing, ultra-harsh environments in which it is found. Rachel teaches and motivates people and organizations by using stories she lived and learned during a summer volunteering in South Africa. Whether coping with unwanted change or striving to creating meaningful change, you’ll leave feeling grateful, inspired, and energized.

Get Happy or Get Out: What to Do When You’ve Fallen Out of Love with Your Job

If you feel trapped by an unstable economy, a high-pressure job, and mounting financial obligations, you’re not alone. Too many of us say, “I’m lucky just to have a job,” while secretly hoping to get laid off. This mentality keeps us from working to our potential, makes us feel guilty, and even causes us to self-sabotage. Rachel will share her personal experiences on both sides of the manager’s desk garnered through more than 20 years in the corporate and public sectors. She’s made all the mistakes, and teaches through personal example how to renew your love affair with your job, or if you can’t, how to get out gracefully. In longer presentations, she’ll also share valuable information about preparing for the next step, from tying up loose ends and training a replacement to gathering references, writing a resume, and interviewing successfully.

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