why business coaching works - Athena Murphy“Rachel’s ability to get the heart of things quickly and with clarity is what sets her apart. I spent 10 years of hard work and $20,000 on marketing classes and programs. Even after all that, I was still struggling to come up with the words to communicate what I do. Clearly, my marketing was failing. Then, in one 15-minute conversation, Rachel fixed everything! She was so clear and precise, which finally got me clear and precise, and for the first time, I can connect at a gut level with what the client really needs, not just what I do.”

~Athena Murphy, Charisma Coach, Westminster, CA, www.remarkablecharisma.com


why business coaching works - Dan Stone“I was in a big rut, both personally and professionally, and knew it. Rachel immediately changed my direction, helping me focus on generating revenue, building a better structured business and challenging me to work hard on the most important areas. She will discover ways to grow your business to new heights, as she has with my business”

~Dan Stone, President/CEO, Mortgage Fee Coach, Inc., Irvine, CA, www.mortgagefeecoach.com


divider why business coaching workds - marcy hogan

“I was fortunate to work with Rachel French over the period of 3-4 months. During our sessions, Rachel helped me realize my goals for my new business and take actions that would effectively move me toward those goals. Since working with her, I realize that if I am specific about my intentions and confident about what I have to offer in my business relationships, I will be successful.”

~Marcy Hogan, Manager and Certified Trainer, SendOutCards, Orange, CA, www.beacardsender.com

why business coaching works - Jane Griffin“Before having a session with Rachel, I didn’t really know entirely what coaching was all about. Is it therapy? Is it someone telling you how to live your life? Will it be useful and worth my time? I will answer a most definite yes–it is useful and worth my time! My sessions have helped me clearly paint a picture of my goals, wants, and needs in my life for both the professional and personal sides. The results you will see and the changes you will feel within yourself are absolutely amazing! I recommend this for anybody who is willing to pull him or herself up by the bootstraps and begin walking the walk of life!”

~Jane Griffin., IT Business Development Manager, Huntington Beach, CA


why business coaching works - Giorgio Migliaccio“Rachel is a coach who cares about her clients and works in this area for all the right reasons. She is highly skilled and a great role model for people wishing to empower themselves to make change in their lives.”

~Giorgio Migliaccio, Coach – Leadership/Team Development, Coaching Services Australia Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Australia, coachingservices.com.au


why business coaching workds - randi johansen2“Rachel has helped me figure out which of my ideas are dreams to shoot for and which are ledges to be talked down from. In all of our conversations I have been able to be honest about my strengths and weaknesses. Rachel has helped me come up with strategies for working on those weaknesses in a way that left me feeling hopeful and excited about the task ahead of me rather than defeated and overwhelmed.”

~Randi Johansen, Pastry Chef, Seattle, WA



why business coaching works - Jason ReidRachel French knows how to get the best out of you. Rachel will always tell you like it is, but in a way that’s both thought provoking and helpful. I’ve never known her to shy away from an uncomfortable question that needed to be asked. If you’re smart and motivated to make real positive change in your life, she’s the one for you. She’ll make sure your B.S. doesn’t get in the way of your own success.

~Jason Reid, Author and Business Coach, The Rechargeable Entrepreneur, Toronto, Ontario, www.rechargemymojo.com


why business coaching works - Maura Raffensperger“No matter how smart you are, and good at seeing what others need to do, sometimes you have a nagging feeling that something (not sure what, but something) in your own life needs to change. Rachel is a master at helping her clients quickly discover what really drives them, and then helping them see exactly what to do to make sure all areas of their life support their passions. Sometimes the changes are large and life-changing, but many of her clients are surprised to discover that, once they connect to what is truly important to them, small changes can have a huge impact in their enjoyment of their work, home life, and hobbies.”

~Maura Raffensperger, Business Coach, Oxnard, CA, www.YourChiefSimplicityOfficer.com


“Rachel French is an exceptional professional coach.  Working with Rachel has given me clarity and insight into problems that were holding me back in my business.  Rachel had an amazing insight into the real underlying problems that I was facing and not just the symptoms.  Working with Rachel has allowed me to work through many important issues and decisions that I was facing as a small business owner.”

~Mark Williams, Principal, Wiliams-McCaron, Inc., Long Beach, CA, www.wmieng.com


“Rachel French can help you live your best life.  She helps you give
your vision, voice, and dreams a place in the world.  More importantly, Rachel will teach you how to change who you are to who you want to be.”

~Christine Crosby, former client

“Rachel French is someone who knows how to teach people structure and problem-solving without sucking the flavor out of life. In fact, she has a way of opening people’s eyes to colorful new understandings that help them evolve and graduate to new places in their lives. She’ll dish out tough love when she has to but it’s always for the better of the recipient. You can believe that when you place your trust in Rachel you’re putting yourself in the right hands.”

 ~Jimi Vidal, Actor, New York, NY

“Working with Rachel heralded the turning point in my life. She helped me understand who I was, what direction I wanted to take in life and gave me the tools to make the changes I had been wanting to make for a long time. I have moved to a new country, started a new job and I’m living the life I had been dreaming about. Working with Rachel empowered me to reach for my goals. I can’t recommend her enough!”
~E.M., Human Resources Manager, Jacksonville, FL