The Enlightened Professional: A How-to Guide for Finding What Moves You Even If You Think “Passion” Is Just a Bunch of Hooey

book coverLaw of attraction? Follow your bliss? Believe to achieve? Nah. Not for you.

You’re smart, so you know success comes from hard work, not platitudes. You’re a self-sufficient, pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps professional, after all, a pro at getting things done, and while a 4-hour work week sounds nice, you do more to get more.

So why do you feel restless and unsatisfied? Why can’t you shake the nagging feeling that there’s more out there for you? What if you missed your calling? What if “passion” isn’t just a buzzword but something you can actually have a lot more of without walking away from your responsibilities?

In these pages lies the surprisingly simple solution to having more of what you want—personally and professionally! If you’ve ever worried that you missed your chance to have it all, you’re having a mid-life crisis, a mid-career panic, or you’re falling out of love with your business, this book is for you.

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